Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Bloggeraid Cookbook

Googling around the other day (or maybe I was following links from other bloggers, I can't remember), I came across Bloggeraid and its cookbook project. In support of the World Food Programme's School Meal project, which helps to provide a nutritious meal at school for children in developing countries who may get no other meal each day, Bloggeraid is publishing a very special cookbook!

I have just submitted my recipe to the people at Bloggeraid and hopefully, in November/December 2009, you will be able to buy the Bloggeraid cookbook on Amazon! 100% of the profits go to the WFP School Meal programme, and you'll get to enjoy recipes from food bloggers all over the world, including one never-before-released recipe from me! I think the closing date for submitting recipes is 31 March 2009, so there is still time for you to get involved. I am posting this now, even though I haven't got a picture of my recipe yet, to give any readers time to get involved as well.

I am very excited by this as, clearly, I love writing about and thinking about food, and I think the School Meals project is a great one. My months spent volunteering in Kenya and Ghana brought home to me the necessity for children to be given a nutritious meal at school, as for many, there may be no other meals that day. Additionally, many families are reluctant to send their children, particularly their daughters, to school, and the school's provision of a meal may be a great incentive for parents to allow their children to go. I can't wait for the cookbook to be published, and I encourage you to submit a recipe too, as this is a fantastic and fun way to get involved in such a great project.


Bellini Valli said...

Thank you very much for your contribution to the BloggerAid cookbook and for raising awareness. This dish will make a very tasty addition!!

Jo and Etan said...

What dish did you put forward???

giz said...

Great post and thanks so much for participating in helping feed children through the School Meals programme.

Vanessa said...

Yay! You updated it! It is FABULOUS! Totally want to make everything in sight. I'm so impressed, Katie!
Ok, now to find the 'follower' button!
Have an amazing Shabbat,
V xxx